Saturday, 19 June 2010


Kingdom Hearts Addict Thing *lavs lavs*

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Stay away from danger.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

no topic

I feel bullshit-ish today. FUCK YOU THIEF. GIVE IT BACK. Although it's not mine.. it still has some effects on me and i tell you, you can't go to heaven with those shitty hands. I can tell you that.

Okay, putting that aside, I had a pretty hard time today but i'm quite happy. Watched Shrek third but we didnt get a shit. but it was pretty cool. *TIEMFORCOMEDYSPOILERS*


Donkey: You're a catastrophe!

Puss: You're riDonkulous.


Fat boy: *pulls his daddy down* I louv yoh daddeh~!

FTW. aboradle mush.

-Just too funny

Zu: *pokes me* gimme your phone.
Me: apa?
Zu: *flips my phone open and shines something below him*
Me: FTW-

. . . . .
he dropped his popcorn and its all messy on the floor.

Guess that's all.


Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I got myself a kittyy~ She's kinda.. old though. I'm calling her Juko~ I dont know why.. hmm.. AH! I asked my Zu what i should call her at first and then he was like "Hmm, name? xD Johnny..... Extinguisher?" ROFL. I laughed so bad that Juko nearly cried... JK. Good thing for Juko is that I got her a bowl for her crackers and the stupidest thing is that.. i bought the litter stones thingy.. but i didnt buy the goddamn litterBOX. I'm not keeping her permanently though.. just temporarily for a week if i can coup up with the huge responsibility thingy bla bla bla.

Should i? Cause she disturbed my sleep just now.. i was having a nap on my bed and under my bed.. she went.. 'miau' then i woke up and moved to my sofa.. i started sleeping again but she went 'miau' againnn.. Sooo~ i gave up yeah.. and went downstairs to eat rofl.. Gimme suggestions whether i should give it back tomorrow or wait for the week to end. :3


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Not much, yeah?

Yep, not much to say. Only thing today that rocks is.. blood donation team taking over in our cute hall. Too bad Chinshii can't donate cause we all must be 18 above to do so. I saw some teachers doing it and our lab technician was there too. Nigel, our librarian :x, was just there to chill though. Well, talking bout donation involves needles.. BIG FAT needles. I was like holy- when I see that thing. O__= THE HORROR.

I mean.. It'll leave a huge hole in my arm and that scares me. Ah.. Izma said I'm never gonna get my white face again(i'm not really that white) and i'm happy with this tanned face but now. i bid white face farewell.

HAHA Hantu.

please give us a little more time.. God.. <:c I want candy..


Monday, 19 April 2010


Today I felt friggin shy to enter the class cause of the sunburn thingy WHICH ONLY showed outside my spectacles area. yes, Im black and white, baby~ So entered the class bla3 then i saw Nisa sitting down and i asked out of the blues, 'Kau dapat sunburn?(Did you get sunburntlol?)' then she said.. 'Inda(no)'

... 'ಠ▃ಠ; HOLY(SUCI)' -- if it was 'HOLYSH**' that'll be Tahi Suci.

Anyways, then when Izma came.. i felt a bit comfortable knowing that I'm not the only one who gets it. Came another.. and another.. and everyone! :'D Then i get the feeling that im accepted. lolwut. After that we had our assembly and Izzi told me that i was so black. FTW Look who's talking (n_n)g

YELLOW~ YELLOW~ got second place.. it was quite unsatisfying cause we lacked leadership and teamwork.. but at least u_u we made our captain and vice proud! Congrats to our yellow house tug of war members too! Now, my time to brag~ xD I got four medals, 2gold and 2silver. Silvers are for the relay thing and 400m. Golds are for the 200m and long jump. Bwaha~ I gots a trophy too :3 im returning it soon though(i'll post pics next time~ if i have any)and MY MOST FANTASTIC PRIZE IS THE SUNBURN. YES, THANKYOU. *Oh and congratulations to Green house! You guise were awesome and Blue house with Red can do better.. Go Blue house!

Okay, I has broken english, yes. I is goin now.

Oh, I may have start hating you but i still am fighting that shit away. I will continue making you, blueberry cheesecake.


Friday, 16 April 2010

No Title

We'll do our best tomorrow and make you proud! ..i hope badly.